Established in 2010, Zenith has gained worth of experience and has earned a place as specialists within the fire safety industry.

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Zenith has quickly positioned us at the forefront of the fire safety industry.


Providing high quality services at a wide range of businesses and properties.


We have carefully put together a team of expert fire safety technicians.


We provide great customer support. Satisfaction of our customers is the key success.



Our objective is to deliver sustainable, cost-effective and value-driven design, installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance solutions. We have a specialty in Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Safety Plan Design.


Our objective is to deliver sustainable, cost-effective and value-driven design, installation, commissioning, inspection and maintenance solutions. We have a specialty in Fire Alarm, Fire Sprinkler System and Fire Safety Plan Design.


We offer the highest level of fire safety expertise and services to our clients by exceeding what is available in the market today, providing long-term value for our client.


We believe in the power and value of knowledge in the right hands. We strive to provide top-notch fire protection and fire safety related services to all our clients ever changing tools and methods.


Our team of conscientious project manager and technicians are personable, flexible and vigilant ensuring our clients the breadth of expertise they require.


Zenith has earned a top project consulting reputation by being highly reactive to client needs. The project consultants and technicians at Zenith possess the ability to mix the right technical skills with the most efficient technology.


Our culture comprises of a safe, hardworking, innovative, diverse and cooperative field. Zenith takes the utmost care of the safety of the process operation and personnel in the work site during the detailed inspection &maintenance work on any work site.


Specializing in all aspects of fire safety within your premises, Zenith focus on the satisfaction and safety of our customers, providing a comprehensive after-sales care service.
Being able to offer complete fire safety products and services, from annual fire inspections to fire alarm installations and fire safety plan design, means that we can tailor our services to the specific needs of each premise. Get in touch today for a free site survey and quotation.


  • We'll Beat Any Quote: We're rarely beaten in price, but in those odd occasions, we're swift to counter-attack with our 'we'll beat any quote' policy! Simply send us over your quote, and we'll aim to beat it.
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured!: We are licensed, bonded, and insured and are always more than happy to show proof. Your project is not meant to create any added stress. The most responsible thing any building owner can do is always employ a contractor who is fully and appropriately licensed and insured.
  • Digital Data Collection results in increased Accuracy & Consistency: Focus can remain on the inspections and checks – not the administration of the paper forms.
  • Life Safety Portal: Access secure reports online; inspection results, fire & life safety plans, emergency plans and all other life safety materials can be accessible with just a few clicks.
  • Information Security: Each user is given specific access to only the areas they require. The data is monitored 24/7.
  • Time Management: Know how long it takes to do each and every type of inspection in your building. With a few clicks know when the work was done or if anything was missed. Manage budgets for coming years without requiring time to collect the data.
  • Budget Management: Beyond the usual inspections, know instantly what is coming up for special services such as replacement, hydro static testing and / or 6-year maintenance – no more surprises.
  • Third Party Verification: BRC’s records lock time and date stamps.
  • Scheduling: Know when your inspections are due and never miss one again.
  • Priority: Each inspection is Flagged so that building owners / representatives can focus on the most pressing reports.

Do you have a proper fire safety plan or fire emergency plan in place? Do all of your employees and management know what to do in the event of an emergency? Having a proper emergency plan in place not only saves lives, but can help mitigate property damage.

Being an owner and renting or managing different facilities makes you become responsible for the families, guests and visitors that frequent your properties. Fire Protection starts with allowing for Zenith to develop an accurate and valuable fire safety plan that protects all building occupants, prevents hazardous environments that ultimately reduce damages.

If you are interested in finding out more about the legislations or to discuss more about a maintenance plan to suit your property type: retail or commercial, public facing or high security; Zenith have your solution here, call us on 604-249-8896 or fill out an enquiry form on Contact Us page.