Fire Alarm System Inspection
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For All Types of Fire Alarm System Testing & Inspection


Detecting a fire early can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping loss and damage to a minimum. That’s why it pays to count on Zenith for your alarm panel inspections.

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Inspection is a Legal Requirement

Many Local Authorities and Fire Marshal’s require routine inspections on fire alarm systems and their components. It’s the building owner or manager’s responsibility to make certain that these inspections are done at the necessary intervals and documented properly.

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Purpose of Fire Alarm Inspection

Although some components should be inspected weekly or monthly, many require inspections on a quarterly, semiannual, or annual basis. Zenith develops a schedule based on your fire alarm and local code requirements. We work closely with you to make sure your system and its components are inspected at the right intervals.

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Inspection Process

The main goal of a fire alarm inspection is to provide visual confirmation that a system or component is working properly, in the proper location, free from physical damage, or any condition that could impair operation. A good proactive fire alarm inspection plan is essential to catching problems early on, in between, or during testing cycles.

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Fire Alarm Safety

A comprehensive fire alarm system consisting of a control panel, initiation devices and notification appliances provides early warning to building occupants in advance of active fire protection systems, like Fire Sprinkler Systems.The safe and orderly egress of building occupants prior to the arrival of emergency personnel increases their ability to react to the actual emergency more quickly.

B.C. Fire Code (section 6.3), NFPA 72 and other industry standards (CAN/ULC-S536-04, previously S536-97) require annual and monthly fire alarm inspections.

Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection

Fire alarm testing involves operational tests in which the system components are activated and their proper operation is verified. These tests cover many different devices and system components including:

  • Verify The Monitoring Connection
  • Inspect The Control Panel
  • Inspect The Annunciator Panel
  • Test All Pull Stations
  • Test All Bells
  • Test All Audible/Visual Devices
  • Test Elevator Recall
  • Test Door Holders
  • Test Smoke Detector Sensitivity
  • Test Duct Detectors
  • Test Thermal Detectors
  • Test Tamper Switches
  • Test Flow Switches
  • Test Ground Fault Detection Circuitry
  • Test For Grounded Field Wiring
  • Load Test of Standby Batteries


As a full-service fire protection company, Zenith installs, inspects and tests fire alarm systems. Why entrusting your fire alarm needs to one fire Protection Company? When you use Zenith for both installing and inspections, co-ordination is simpler. There is less chance for miscommunication and error. And it is our sole responsibility to take care of your fire alarm system and repair it.

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Annual Fire Alarm Inspections

The B.C. Fire Code (1998 BC Fire Code, Section 6.3), Vancouver bylaws, NFPA 72 and ULC Standard (CAN/ULC-S536-M97) require an annual in-depth test of a building’s entire fire alarm system. Our technicians test all aspects of your system, including:

  • An overall system checks to ensure proper installation and examine any changes, alterations, additions or damage.
  • Access to, and functioning of, every connected device such as heat detectors, smoke detectors, pull stations, pressure switches, etc. This includes devices in all common areas as well as any device inside dwelling units
  • All auxiliary and ancillary functions and connections
  • Internal fire alarm panel
  • Functioning of fire system monitoring, to ensure monitoring company is receiving required trouble and alarm signals
  • Alarm zone annunciation and operation of all remote annunciators, which inform the fire department or on-site staff where the device has been activated
  • Functioning of EVAC (evacuation) system, including voice communication and paging systems, firefighters’ phones and related equipment

After conducting this detailed review, our fire protection technicians prepare detailed documentation for review by fire department inspectors, insurance underwriters and property owners and agents.
We also inform you of any deficiencies requiring additional work. For your convenience, ourinstallation department can replace or upgrade your fire alarm system.

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Monthly Fire Alarm Inspections

A monthly “quick check” of the fire alarm system ensures its proper operation in between full annual tests. It includes:

  • Confirming the system power lamp is illuminated
  • Testing one pull station, to ensure it sets off the fire bells
  • Confirming the annunciator indicates the correct zone where the pull station was activated
  • Visually inspecting the standby power batteries to check for corrosion of the terminal connections
  • Testing the system's "trouble indicator"
  • Testing one emergency telephone
  • Testing paging capability to one zone

Although we will conduct monthly fire alarm inspections for you, we can train your on-site staff, free of charge, to conduct them. Training includes a complimentary binder of monthly report forms.

In-Suite Testing

In some cases, fire alarm detection, audible and visual devices are located inside residential dwelling units, such as strata units. These devices are connected to the main building’s fire alarm system and must be tested annually. Therefore, access to residential dwellings is crucial to ensure complete system testing and code compliance.

Stand-alone, battery-operated in-suite smoke alarms are not connected to the fire alarm panel, but are usually tested at the same time.

Zenith creates a schedule and uses a testing format that meets or exceeds national and local code requirements. The goal is to ensure systems are operating within the ranges optimal for peak performance.

Our Zenith customized forms and test reports detail all of the system’s functions, devices, and also identifies any deficiencies. We take time to discuss these test report’s results with our customers so that we can answer their questions and address any areas of concern.

If you are interested in finding out more about the legislations or to discuss more about a maintenance plan to suit your property type: retail or commercial, public facing or high security; Zenith have your solution here, call us on 604-249-8896 or fill out an enquiry form on Contact Us page.