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Do you have a proper fire safety plan or fire emergency plan in place? Do all of your employees and management know what to do in the event of an emergency? Having a proper emergency plan in place not only saves lives, but can help mitigate property damage.

Being an owner and renting or managing different facilities makes you become responsible for the families, guests and visitors that frequent your properties. Fire Protection starts with allowing for Zenith to develop an accurate and valuable fire safety plan that protects all building occupants, prevents hazardous environments that ultimately reduce damages.

Zenith offers respective and professional fire and safety plans. Property managers, land lords, contractors, developers and building owners rely on our customized fire and safety plans to deliver safety assurance.

Our technicians will work closely with authorities to develop a professional emergency plan that is tailored to your building and environment. Aspects of a fire safety plan include:

  • Care & Hospital Facilities
  • Town House, Low, Mid & High-rise Complexes
  • Commercial buildings (offices, retails and warehouses)
  • Recreational buildings (gyms, pools, ice rinks, etc.)

Developing a Site Safety Plan

The British Columbia Building Code 2012, Division B, Section 8.1 makes reference to the British Columbia Fire Code (BCFC) 2012, Division B, Section 5.6 which applies to buildings, parts of buildings, and associated areas undergoing construction or demolition operations, including renovations. This plan shall be submitted to and reviewed by the cities and local Fire Department prior to the commencement of operations.

Objectives of a Fire Safety Plan

The Plan is prepared for a number of reasons:

  • To control fire hazards in the building and possibly preventing the occurrence of a fire.
  • To make available comprehensive building information for fire department response personnel.
  • To provide instructions in the plan and outline training objectives for the proper use of fire protection equipment. With proper training a fire can be extinguished in its incipient fire stage.
  • To clearly provide a plan of action in the event of a fire alarm or fire.
  • To provide training and fire drills to enable a safe and efficient evacuation.
  • To give comprehensive step-by-step instructions of all staff and occupant responsibilities.
  • To clearly outline the response in the event of a failure of a life safety system.
  • To clearly outline the maintenance requirements of the building life safety systems.

The Fire Safety Plan Services will include:

Emergency procedures to be used in case of fire, including:

  • Sounding the alarm
  • Notifying the fire department
  • Instructing occupants on procedures to be followed when the fire alarm sounds
  • Evacuating occupants, including special provisions for persons requiring assistance
  • Fire safety duties for appointed staff
  • Staff responsibilities for fire safety
  • Documents, including location and operation of the building’s emergency system
  • Inspection and maintenance of building facilities to help ensure the safety of the occupants.

You should always check with your local Fire Department as to whether or not your building is required by law to have a fire safety plan. We recommend that all buildings, both commercial and residential, should have a fire safety plan and should be reviewed and practiced by all occupants.

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How We Prepare a Fire Safety Plan

The first step in preparing a fire safety plan is scheduling a consultation. Zenith Fire and Safety Planners consultant tours your building, noting the type and location of fire safety equipment available.

By filling out a fire safety plan questionnaire, the consultant collects all the information needed to develop a plan. If you have asked us to supply fire extinguishers and/or fire safety plan boxes, our consultant organizes the parts and sends them to you, or books a technician to install the materials.

Our consultant then:

  • Produces the safety plan text
  • Digitizes or renders AutoCAD drawings, adding the required information and using appropriate fire department standards
  • Sends you a draft for review and revises the fire safety plan according to your comments
  • Sends a hard copy and digital copy of the completed fire safety plan to you and the fire department
  • Produces wall plaque signs to be installed on each floor, usually by the elevators
  • Produces schematics for the local fire department, if required
  • Sends you the fire department’s approval letter for the fire safety plan, along with the fire department’s copy of the plan, if required
  • Produces schematics for the local fire department, if required
Evacuation Plan

What makes up a Fire and Safety Plan?

Our fire and safety plans include detailed information about your building and emergency procedures that save lives.

  • How to control fire hazards in the building
  • Credentials of building assets
  • Building schematic floor and site plans
  • All inclusive fire safety building audit
  • Maintenance schedule for the building’s fire protection equipment
  • Fire drill procedures and documentation
  • Detailed emergency procedures for occupants
  • Prepare hard and paperless copy of the completed fire safety plan to you and the fire department
  • Production of the safety plan text
  • Production of plan drawings that meet local bylaw standards
  • We provide you with an authenticity certificate that shows a fire plan is in place
  • A Fire department’s approval letter for the fire safety plan available upon request

One Source. One Call.Zenith, Your specialist, 24/7.

Our fire consultants ensure your fire safety plan conforms with applicable fire codes and bylaws. Contact us to schedule an initial consultation of your building. We can then review and document your building for the multiple types and locations of protection equipment on site.

If you are interested in finding out more about the legislations or to discuss more about a maintenance plan to suit your property type: retail or commercial, public facing or high security; Zenith have your solution here, call us on 604-249-8896 or fill out an enquiry form on Contact Us page.